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The easiest way to increase the number of views on your article is to share other articles from Politics + AI. The Elephant is a platform for engaging citizens to reflect, re-member and re-envision their society by interrogating the past, the present, to fashion a future. If you have not heard from us after 14 days, you can email again to query the status of your pitch.

We want clear and concise pieces of around 700 words but are open to discussing length and structure if there is a good reason. We love our politics, but not when it’s served up as a cold dish. A pitch is a short, written summary of your main idea. It should present your argument and supporting sources in a nutshell.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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This piece will seek to explore how, too often, despite holding up half the sky, women are left out of important discussions even when those decisions will affect them primarily. When women are included, it’s usually the sort of women who the male hegemony believes will not rock the boat. As we approach elections, I will seek to explore how this is done on the political front. And in case you haven’t noticed, there’s ample story ideas out there to get paid to write about politics.

One of the values that undergird The Elephant is plurality and diversity of ideas thus anyone can write for The Elephant. We want to shake up and transform America for the better. Sometimes, that requires rejecting what is already there to try to create something entirely new. And don’t assume we fall squarely on one side; we want to attract voices from all sides.

We are looking for exciting thinkers with fresh ideas and perspectives on social democracy and progressive thinking in the UK and around the world. Progressive Britain has published work by some of the most interesting and influential people thinking about and working in politics today. Preference will be given to original reporting and analysis, but we will also consider commentary.

A situation report takes one pertinent geopolitical topic or issue and analyzes it from all possible angles. This is the most common type of submission we receive at, as it tends to mirror a normal research report. A good situation report will leave its readers fully informed about the political, economic, and/or military impact of a salient international event. If you have a pitch for an op-ed or article that is policy-focused—whether about technology, defense, agriculture, labor, education or other issues—it might be better suited for The Agenda.

The article must be written in simple words to enable the readers to grasp every detail quickly. The writer must give his own words in this political-related article. All content must adhere to the Fancy Comma, LLC Blog editorial guidelines. To better understand the span of Labour history and its effects on contemporary British politics, we are looking for fresh thinking and analysis of various traditions, themes and individuals. If you seek compensation, please indicate this clearly in your pitch, and whether the article has been published elsewhere.

FYI – The Atlantic is also open to working with new freelancers. It’s where I landed my first magazine assignment as a newbiefor a piece about the career trajectory of Donald Trump that landed him in the White House. We are happy to include a short biography of each writer, including a link to their Twitter page, and a small picture if one is to hand. Accepted articles typically range from between 500 to 1,000 words. Like many contributor-based platforms, we welcome all diverging viewpoints even if they aren’t necessarily popular.

We’re all in this together and we want to ensure a communal process. The pieces are to be written with British English and punctuation, and references should be made directly in the piece via hyperlink . Class warfare, the latest insights on the Nunes memo and the FBI, party battles over climate change, and rural America in the 21st century. Those are the kinds of reported stories you’ll find in the Washington Monthly. And it shows in recent articles on wealth and poverty, Donald Trump as a taboo topic at work, inequalities in education, and much more. Here’s an interesting way to differentiate yourself as a news and literary magazine…no advertising.

We want to attract readers who are smart, switched on, and sophisticated. So, we want writers who grab readers from the first word and leave them changed after the last. This site covers political and social issues liberals care about.

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