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We’re a team of people that want to empower marketers around the world to create marketing campaigns that matter to consumers in a smart way. Meet us at the intersection of creativity, integrity, and development, and let us show you how to optimize your marketing. Add images to convey your message, don’t add it just for the sake of it. Articles must be written by you and totally original! We will be checking ALL submissions for breach of copyright. Add resources to your article wherever possible and support your arguments with studies and research.

If you are willing to write for us, Always remember guest posting is a way to show your knowledge and expertise in the field to your readers. They are not a platform for overly promoting services, offers, or companies. Please note, Our readers come for Successful stories, Tips, and Advice on how to start and run a successful startup. Indeed, building backlinks is one of the most imperative strategies for organic content marketing.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

In this way, you will get an idea of how we are proceeding and how you need to approach us with fresh ideas. We’re seeking a wide range of business people to write informative, insightful and interesting articles for our website. In choosing to submit content, you grant Business Setup Worldwide a royalty-free, exclusive licence to publish, excerpt, edit, modify, and repurpose your content as needed.

This is a long blog post so break them with images. At VOCSO, we accept a particular format, and the same we expect from you. If you’re looking to submit an article to VOCSO, be sure to format it in the correct way. We accept articles that are formatted in a specific way, and if you don’t follow this format, your article will likely be rejected.

Word Count – Please submit articles of at least 600 words, depending on the type of content you are looking to produce. Therefore, writing for us on our site provides a significant advantage for your business as well as mine. To get a fresh idea, you better go through our website content and analyze what type of content we are publishing.

We love to publish guest posts because they allow us to provide various topics from top experts to our readers. As an eCommerce development company, our main audience interest varies from Ecommerce geek of Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, mobile app development, SEO and digital marketing. MyBooks gives you the great opportunity to contribute a guest post. You can easily submit an article on our website.

Apart from these, we’re also interested in publishing any topic that marketers, project managers, and designers can find value in. This can include things like remote team development, writing, design, and larger internet trends. Once you submit your content, our editorial team will review the content and everything and will respond to you within 2 business working days. We use Google docs for reviewing content so please send us a doc link with permission to edit.

We are proud to have built an established, highly-trafficked blog, and we are always accepting new authors. Don’t submit any clickbait, syndicated, plagiarism-infected content or content written for promos. Your content should be unique and it should not be similar to our past posts. Don’t link to any websites which offer the same services as we do. Your blog content should be 100% original and unpublished.

We’re keen on adding visual data to support the content so make sure you add stats and supporting images. Anything that’s too promotional for your company and organization and doesn’t add value for our readers. Our blog is geared towards anyone looking for insights and best practices in the design, video, marketing, and online proofing niche.

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