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“I know you did this,” Margaery states, cursing Cersei, and throws the dish at her spitefully. Jaime Lannister speaks with Myrcella privately, and tells her that she must return to King’s Landing. She refuses – she’s going to stay in Dorne, her real home, and marry Trystane Martell. Jorah Mormont is bought at a slave auction to a grasp named Yezzan. Tyrion Lannister orchestrates his purchase as nicely, beating a man with his chain to persuade Yezzan of his price. Tyrion advises his new grasp that they want to battle within the Meereen fighting pits as free men.

Littlefinger counsels Lord Tywin to draw in the Tyrells and, for now, forget that they sided with Renly Baratheon. Lord Tywin dismisses Arya, just as Littlefinger offers him an update on Catelyn Stark. Having fled down an alley, Sansa is pursued by a group of lecherous males. She tries to struggle them off but is knocked down and stripped. The Hound arrives just in time and makes quick work of the lads. Lifting Sansa, he carries her over his shoulder again to the Red Keep.

Jon’s troops stand in formation across the battlefield from the much larger Bolton military. Ramsay leads Rickon by rope to the entrance of the lines and surprises everybody by slicing Rickon’s binds. Releasing the boy, Ramsay tells him to run to his brother. Rickon sees Ramsay’s bow being delivered to him and speeds towards the opposite facet. Disregarding warning, Jon leaps onto his horse and races to reach his brother earlier than the arrows do, but fails. Rickon is struck down and Jon, overcome with rage, loses sight of his aspect’s cautious technique and charges the Bolton army.

Jon hands Longclaw to Sam for safekeeping, and steps out of Castle Black. Sam realizes extra men are wanted on his entrance and he orders Olly to hoist the elevator and grab a weapon. At Sam’s behest, Jon leaves Edd in cost and heads to the courtyard. Jon instructs Sam to launch Ghost, who jumps right into the battle. On the bottom, giants affix a series of spikes to the gate, attaching the opposite ends to the harness of a mammoth.

All lack the Targaryen/Velaryon silver hair, but Viserys rejects Alicent’s accusation that Laenor isn’t their father. Alicent tells Aegon that he should put together to at some point fight Rhaenyra for the throne. Daemon and his wife, Laena Velaryon, visit Pentos with daughters Baela and Rhaena.

When Davos declares Melisandre his enemy, she tells him her presence would have changed the course of the Battle of the Blackwater. “You satisfied your king to leave me behind,” she reminds him earlier than taunting him with recollections of his dying son. Davos assaults Melisandre, however is held again and imprisoned by Stannis. Dolorous Edd, Grenn and Samwell Tarly search the snowy plains for dung to burn.

In the Winterfell armory, Gendry works exhausting on a dragonglass axe for The Hound. Arya reunites with Clegane, unapologetic about how they last parted ways. She and Gendry fall back into their snug rhythm from years previous how to not fall asleep in online class, and she hands him a sketch of a weapon she’d like for the battle forward. Aboard the Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet, Euron taunts his captive niece, Yara, before they arrive at King’s Landing.

As the meeting ends, the healer Talisa involves Robb to ask for supplies; he invitations her to affix him on his journey to the Crag to search out what she needs. Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen is misplaced without her dragons. Xaro Xhoan Daxos promises to convene the Thirteen to assist discover the magical creatures. She returns to her chambers, the place Jorah Mormont apologizes for failing to guard her from these foreigners. “Is it you I ought to trust?” she asks, annoyed by the numerous betrayers who surround her.

She asks for the return of her grandchildren, and presents to make the holy man the richest septon who ever lived. The High Sparrow reminds the Queen of Thorns that her grandchildren both lied beneath oath. Olenna threatens to stop sending Tyrell crops to the capital, however the High Sparrow just isn’t intimidated. Yezzan’s slaves, together with Tyrion and Jorah, are led to a lesser fighting pit and confined to a holding room. Encouraged by Hizdahr, Dany takes a seat within the stands to honor the fighters together with her presence. When Jorah realizes Dany is in attendance, he breaks out of the holding space.

The lumbering determine scoops Cersei in his arms and carries her safely inside the citadel. In a personal moment aboard the ship, Jaime begins to inform Myrcella the truth about her parentage. The two share a hug, but blood begins to drip from Myrcella’s nostril.

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