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Many sites offer unpaid guest post opportunities which are great for marketing your business, but not so good for paying the bills. After scouring the web and conducting some research, I’d like to share my results with you here. These little soundbites of wisdom really help me to hang on and work through the grumpy days. As does the knowledge that days like this come around and lift my spirits. I think I am mostly learning that in order to offer others my energy, creativity and help, I need to make and protect my own little spaces to recharge myself and feel like I’m not a slave to my screen.

Choose one main keyword that is the focus of your article as well as other keywords that will help people find your article in searches. These should be relevant to post content/theme. We pride ourselves on content that is practical yet profound, backed with research, and uses simple, conversational language. All submissions are subject to editorial control.

Try to adopt the ‘you’ voice and keep sentences short for ease of reading. Remember, people’s attention-span has slowly been eroded due to the sheer volume of messages that are pushed their way. Highly Sensitive Refuge is the sister blog of Introvert, Dear. It’s the largest publication for highly sensitive people in the world.

Keeping a thought diary offers you a way to notice your thought patterns and track how they change over time. Commonly used as part of cognitive behavioral therapy , this exercise asks you to write down your beliefs and then think critically about them. You can come up with a list of prompts yourself based on the issues you’d like to focus on or problems you’d like to solve. Or, if you’re currently working with a therapist, you can ask them for their ideas.


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Writing my personal story for a Lust for Life helped me in ways I never knew possible. Things I wrote in my article I hadn’t told my closest friends but it made me realise to move on, I needed to be honest. Thank you to the A Lust for Life team from the bottom of my heart.

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