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In spite of intense questioning for over eight hours, she never cracked. The X-ray showed that she had cracked a bone in her foot. She opened the door just a crack to listen to the conversation. I’ve been trying to solve this problem all week, but I still haven’t cracked it. The car actually cracked the concrete where he drove into it.

SitePoint will pay $100-$150 for articles about HTML, CSS, PHP, and more. Back to College will pay for articles focused on older college students and look for topics such as career management and finding the right program. Money Crashers is a finance site that covers investing, credit, debt, retirement planning, mortgages, and more. They don’t publish their rates but they will pay for guest posts.


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For best results, you would submit work to a long list of these types of websites , and get published far more often because of it. I felt like everything I read on it was entertaining and well-done, and I like the idea of writing articles for them. They say that they will ‘pay you if it’s good,’ which is actually pretty simple and easy to understand. Even pro writers get rejected or never hear back from an editor. The more pitches you send out, the more likely you are to land an assignment. Want to combine comedy writing and fiction, but not ready to commit to crafting a full-length novel?

Comprehensive data summaries, comparisons, analysis, and projections integrated across all energy sources. Lucas needs four three-pointers to crack the school’s career top 10 list. At least Agatha Christie gave us a narrative nut to crack; here, bamboozling is in short supply. The military is always a hard nut to crack, as many of us know from working in journalism over the years, and in this case, for example, the defendants were under a gag order not to talk.

Publisher – set up in mid-2013, it is now one of the 200 most visited websites in the world, according to Alexa, thanks to +80 million monthly unique on-site visitors. Tuts+ Vector is looking for articles related to Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW and other vector-related tutorials. Sitepoint is an authority when it comes to web development, and they are looking for in-depth articles about HTML, CSS and SASS.

Complex refineries may have one or more types of crackers, including fluid catalytic cracking units and hydrocracking/hydrocracker units. Forms EIA uses to collect energy data including descriptions, links to survey instructions, and additional information. State energy information, including overviews, rankings, data, and analyses.

Check the editorial calendar for topics and themes in upcoming issues, and pitch Copy Chief Deb Mulvey. Blasting Newsreports in 25 languages and 34 countries, and its freelance writers and journalists in the US currently earn up to $12 for each 1000 readers. Even members with previous writing experience see the Academy positively, as it provides them with the tools they need to find success. The Internet offers plenty of opportunities for bloggers and content writers; you just need to trust the right sites to start making a decent income with writing. Cracked is looking for funny and clever articles, mainly in list format, and they pay $50 – $200 per article depending on the type of article.

Cracked Skin Repair Lotion is formulated to hydrate and protect dry, cracked skin, helping to heal skin from the inside out. It creates a physical barrier to lock in moisture for 24 hour hydration, improves the integrity of the natural skin barrier and soothes irritation caused by continuously dry, cracked skin. Clinically proven to protect and prevent extremely dry cracked, sensitive skin. The skin protectant dimethicone creates a physical barrier that locks in moisture, while urea draws in moisture to hydrate skin for 24 hours. Recommended for daily maintenance and repair of cracked skin to reveal significantly softer and smoother skin in just 1 month.

This is where fractions from the distillation units are transformed into streams that eventually become finished products. Short, timely articles with graphics on energy, facts, issues, and trends. The gun paperwork part of the investigation stems from 2018, a time period in which Hunter Biden, by his own account, was smoking crack cocaine.

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